Sarah Cobey

Sarah is an associate professor in the Department of Ecology & Evolution at the University of Chicago.

Phil Arevalo

Phil is building models that integrate epidemiological and molecular data to infer how infection history, vaccination, and influenza epitope diversity influence protection against influenza infection.

Katie Gostic

Katie studies the epidemiological impacts of childhood immune imprinting, and the within-host dynamics that allow biases in immune memory to develop and persist. She also aims to understand why our immune system isn’t better at deploying broadly protective antibodies against multi-strain pathogens.

Lauren McGough

Lauren studies how the mechanisms and dynamics of affinity maturation in the adaptive immune system affect the diversity of individuals' antibody repertoires.

Spencer Carran

Spencer studies the interplay between policy and disease dynamics. He is working to understand factors that can bias estimates of influenza vaccine effectiveness.

Diana Vera Cruz

Diana studied viral evolution across scales and how it is impacted by immune selection during her Ph.D. at Duke University. She is interested in the impact of immune history, particularly antibody response, on vaccine efficacy and influenza reinfection driven by antigenic drift.

Marcos Vieira

Marcos moved to the University of Chicago for his PhD studies after completing his Master's in Ecology & Evolution (Universidade Federal de Goiás) and his BS (Universidade Federal do Ceará) in Biology in Brazil. He's currently interested in the coevolutionary dynamics of pathogens and antibody repertoires, and his background interests include ecological networks and a bit of evolutionary behavioral ecology.

Elena Whitney

Elena is a third-year undergraduate student at UChicago studying Biology with a specialization in quantitative biology. She is particularly interested in the modeling of infectious diseases and is planning to pursue an MD/PhD in this field upon graduation.


Kangchon Kim, Postdoctoral Researcher (2017 to 2020), transitioning to research science in Washington, D.C.
Ed Baskerville, Senior Research Programmer (2013 to 2019), now saving the internet from corporate domination
Frank Wen, PhD Student (2015 to 2018), now completing medical school at U. Chicago
Sylvia Ranjeva, PhD Student (2014 to 2018), currently a medical resident at MGH in Boston
Daniel Zinder, Postdoctoral Researcher (2016 to 2017), now a bioinformatician at Roche
Graham Northrup, Research Assistant (2017), PhD student at the Center for Computational Biology at UC Berkeley
Rohan Dandavati, Research Assistant (2017), now a full stack developer at Google
Rahul Subramanian, PhD student (2015 to 2017), now completing his PhD with Mercedes Pascual at U. Chicago
Colin Kyle, Research Programmer (2016), game developer
Lev Tsypin, Research Assistant (2015), now a PhD student in systems biology at Caltech
Igor Vasiljevic, Research Assistant (2015), currently a PhD student in computer science at the Toyota Technical Institute at Chicago