Frank Wen

PhD Student

205 Erman Hall
1103 E 57th St‎.
Chicago, IL 60637

I am a fourth year MD/PhD student at the University of Chicago, where I also completed my undergraduate studies. As an undergraduate, I worked with Hans Schreiber, investigating aberrantly glycosylated glycoproteins on tumors as targets for immunotherapy. Through conversations with Greg Dwyer, I became interested in understanding the ecology and evolution of host pathogen interactions. My research in the Cobey lab explores what epidemiological factors underlie phylogeographic patterns observed in the evolution of influenza A (H3N2). Additionally, I am interested in how vaccination shapes the course of pathogen evolution.


Wen F., Bedford T., Cobey S. 2016. Explaining the geographic origins of seasonal influenza A (H3N2). Proceedings of the Royal Society B 283(1838): 20161312.

Wen F.T., Thisted R.A., Rowley D.A., Schreiber H. 2012. A systematic analysis of experimental immunotherapies on tumors differing in size and duration of growth. Oncoimmunology. 1(2): 172–178.