Our goal is not only to do high-quality research but also to create an environment that accelerates the growth of scientists and improves the practice of science. We welcome applications from skilled, ambitious, and independent researchers at all levels, as long as they are burning to do good research promptly.

Undergraduate researchers interested in joining the lab generally need to be proficient in at least one programming language, such as Python, R, Matlab, C(++), or Java, and have some biological background in at least one research area. You should also be proficient in basic statistics.

Prospective graduate students are encouraged to review the details of the graduate program and the research described here. They may wish to consider working as research assistants in the lab to ensure a good fit before applying to the graduate program.

Rotation students must start with strong quantitative and some programming skills.

Senior researchers, research programmers, and postdoctoral fellows are also welcome to contact Sarah about opportunities for support and collaboration. We are especially looking for more than one postdoc to study the evolutionary dynamics of immunity.

All who are interested in joining the lab should explain in their initial communication what skills they could bring to the lab and what they hope to obtain from collaborating. It is essential to have read recent papers in the relevant research area, including some from our group, and to have an idea of the kind of questions or problems that excite you.